Popcorn required 2; who’s looking at me?

Ok, so having survived my first date…. It’s back to the online sites where my inbox is bombarded with messages of who is looking for me and who I am looking for apparently! ….

So just who is looking for me? … My profile clearly states I am gay and looking for girls only… Im not looking for a long term relationship but I am looking for friends or causal hook ups… Nothing serious… And in BIG letters NO GUYS…..

So people can send me messages and ‘winks’…As it sounds a wink is a way of sending a message that that person is interested in some level of contact… It may or may not have a message that they can choose to send (from a set list of options)…like ‘send me a message I’d like to chat’… Or even tackier ‘ill show you mine if you show me yours’…. You can also see the history of anyone who has viewed your profile and …slightly disturbingly, how often they look at you!!!! That is a little creepy….

So, who is sending me the majority of these messages and winks…and who is looking? Well number one… guys!!! ….clearly undeterred and certain they can get me to see the light! …..all i need is to just meet them and I will be all straightened out!!….so a bevy of winks and messages ensue….. although I do have to admit that I have had a couple of guys contact me that have unbelievable abs …if they are indeed real people and haven’t just posted up some magazine shot of someone else!!!!

So having ignored them, the next most popular contact is from couples… Apparently the single and fem type gay girl is just what they are all looking for!!!!…. Especially one that is fit and …well has a reasonably proportioned body type…. I am more than a little shocked and slightly freaked at just how many couples are looking at me….they don’t want single guys… I guess that might be a little too threatening for the male?! …. But lots of married couples after a playmate that they can have regularly!!!!! …. Hmmm …. So now my profile includes NOT COUPLES.

The next slightly disturbing group of people looking endlessly at my profile…. The young female who is gay or thinks they might be…. And well are after an older woman to ‘teach them’! Now that might not be so bad, but I am a little shocked at the ages…. I am talking 18 year olds and early 20’s…..and I am about to turn 45 (yikes I can’t believe that myself )…. So here is the question….what age gap is pediatric and what is an acceptable one? Is it ok if they don’t mind or should I just be avoiding such young company??

So deciding that maybe I should consider this… I decide that late 20’s is probably ok… But not going to lead to anything long term for sure as that just isn’t going to work out. Next thing I am contacted by a 28 year old just back from overseas …. She sends the relevant wink wanting to chat…Message 1.. So I politely send one back, but there is only one side head shot so I don’t have a lot of interest from one limited photo… And I am looking for a fairly fem type and she sounds maybe a little too rugged shall I say….but anyway off I send my polite response…. Response 1.

Message 2….full of activities she is into …. and wants to know what things i like…So again I politely respond with a chosen interest…that i am doing flying lessons and that is my interest at the minute… I decide to ask for a further photo (to see if I have any further interest)… Response 2.

Message 3 … No further photos and it appears she has done some flying lessons … Which she tells me about….Then the message ends with ‘now fuck me’…..!!!!! I nearly fall off the lounge…Omg….!! I don’t respond … Need to think this one out….

Message 4…. how she wants to please me….. Hmmm I respond with a well you are very direct I guess… But I need more to go on…. Photos please! Maybe chat on msn… My email tho does include the dr element… Bad idea… (Need a new hotmail email I have decided) …. So, Response 3.

No photos, no msn contact …..Message 5….’I love you’!!!!!!!!!! WHAT the hell?!!! ……response 4. trying to cool things now ….i remind her we don’t know each other and I need her to chill a little …..

Message 5. Hi Dr sexi….how her heart skips a beat when she sees my message or name….yikes!! No response……and I am at work and busy… Then out to dinner and so it’s later that night…. Message 6. I must have done something wrong….sorry…. Message 7. I miss you !!!

Ok so response 5…. I have to put it harshly that I am not after a relationship and she will have to be ok with that…. And that I can’t guarantee anything further…. (by now I am convinced she is a potential stalker!!)….. So perhaps I did put it harshly…. Not my usual style, but let’s be honest it was getting ridiculous!!

Phew… So far nothing more……. However as I can look at who’s been looking at me…. There she is everyday looking at my profile … And sometimes several times a day…..!!!! Ew… That’s creepy right?! Is it time to block her from my profile??

So, perhaps the younger female is just not mature enough to be able to handle a working person who is independent and not wanting commitment?…. Of course it could just be her personality…. I feel like writing to say sorry if too harsh… As I don’t like upsetting people… But then think better of it…. She needs no encouragement!!!!

I promise the next one….. Maria…. I just met a girl named Maria….or did I?????

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Popcorn required; single again after 14 years; the FIRST date

Ok so here we go…. In the new frontier of dating 14 years later…. Just what has changed and what is the same….?!
In the era of googles, Facebook, social media and terms that were not even in the dictionary 14 years ago, I am gonna keep you entertained as I head out the door ….oh no wait i mean as I login to amm, LMM, man, Skype and go on a webcam date….??! Yikes…. The rules are new, the information n pictures are a shock, people have NO shame!!!….. And hotmail is very popular…..!

So I’ve had my first online date for real….. After finding an English girl on LMM(u figure)….works in the health industry…name is similar lives in manly… Love the movies… N snorkels at Shelly beach…. And likes real champie…… All good?! Ok the catch…. N here we go… She is in an OPEN relationship…. So here is the thing… A single gay girl like me is in hot demand it seems with couples and girls who want to experiment or do occasionally…. They can be in open relationships or secret ones…. ! Either way neither of those categories are gonna be lasting for me…. But I find myself strangely ok with this….. So having established the relationship is open….it seems she wants a friend that she can have some little flirts with and well get a few lil benefits to go with actual popcorn at the movies….
Hmm so she’s easy to talk to by text …..n off we go to the movies… To see the descendants at the gold class…. Where else?! N she is very cute….short and a lil dumpy but nice tits… N she is in a very short dress that well…. Let’s the tits be easily seen….!!! I tho (n this could be my mistake as i say i am fem and happy to wear dresses)…have gone a little more casual to the movies… Tho got d heels and tight tit top…but alas there is little time for chatting before movie which is late at 9.30pm….
She buys d champie n food … I got d tickets tho…. But there is no real chemistry…. But not a lot of time….Movie ends we decide to share cab back….with a promise to go to wine bar where we can dress it up n talk…. All good lots of texts…. Then she removes her profile off the site… Doesnt answer text to confirm wine bar ….despite all laughs n happy faces….. Nothing more heard?!! We supposed to do wine bar this Tuesday…haven’t texted again….?!!! What do we think has happened?!
Is d boyfriend not ok…. No chemistry so why bother….. Changed her mind!? ..So that one seems done!!! One down then……
So, the Next one…. Wots in a wink….. And is Maria the hot chick in Adelaide real or not ???? And do I care given the hot hot photos I’m being sent?!!!! How can we find out ????? and how to keep ones Identity intact……!!!!
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